P4W Wise Woodies Learning Together at Home 20.5.20


Hello Everyone!

Wednesday 20 May 2020     20.5.20

Wednesday Challenge- we are learning to calculate half.

Top- tip – 36 – Partition the number-   30    6    Find half of thirty then find half of 6.                                                                                                           15+ 3= 18                                                                                           146 Partition the number- 100  40  6 Find half of 100, half of 40, half of 6.                                                                                                          50+ 20 +3 = 73

SUPER – 8   16  20  24  12   14   10   18    50   100

FANTASTIC– 64   86   38   54    76    92    248   466  156   472

SPECTACULAR– 264   486    254   638   870   494    362   574  936

Daily Maths- We are learning to write a fraction.                                                                                                               We are learning what each part of a fraction means.                                                                               We are learning to recognise and shade a third of a shape.

Key Words– numerator, denominator, whole, fraction, equal

Go to the link- find out how fractions are written by mathematicians- what does each part mean?


Write  these fractions as a mathematician would – with a numerator on top  and a denominator on the bottom.

One half,  one quarter,  one third.



SUPER Numbers 1 and 2

FANTASTIC-Numbers 1, 2 and 3

SPECTACULAR– Number 1,2, 3, 4 and 5.


Daily Literacy- We are learning to use apostrophes to combine words.


Go to the link and complete activities 1 and 2

Extra Challenge- Add more words to your list of contractions. Make sure that you put your apostrophe in the correct place.  Find your ‘hot-spots’ – which are the tricky ones?



The  editor of your  newspaper has asked you to write the front page story, telling the nation about the sinking of Titanic on 15 April 1912. You need to tell the readers about the tragic events of that night, the facts, figures and information they would want to know.

See yesterday’s blog for more information.

newspaper template

Your assignment is due on Friday morning and can be uploaded as a word document, a photo or a pdf.   You can submit it through the submission box found on the ‘assignment box’ on Teams. If you have problems uploading your assignment to Teams, you can send it via the office.


Daily Spelling – choose an activity to work on your spelling words.

Extra Challenge– Listen for the short or long vowels.                                                                                                              Add more words to the Spectacular list.

Reading-Using your Bloom’s sheet, write down four questions you would like to ask the main character in your reading book.

Reading For Pleasure– enjoy relaxing with a text of your choice for at least 30 minutes each day.

We are developing our listening skills by listening to David Walliams read at ‘Elevenses with David Walliams’.

French  – We are learning to develop our French speaking skills.

We are continuing to say numbers

Click on the link below for a variety of activities to help you develop your skills.

Week beg 11.5.20 First Level

Art and Design– we  are developing our knowledge of the Scottish artist and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.                                                                                                                                                         See yesterday’s blog.


Science investigation– We are learning to think like scientists.                                                                            See yesterday’s activity.

Extra Challenge– Write up a Lab Report describing your experiment. Use diagrams to add extra detail. Reflect on your investigation – how could you have improved it?

Lab Report

Take a Moment!


Have a good day- enjoy the sunshine!