P5H Learning Together at Home 20/05/20

Good afternoon P5H and what a glorious sunny afternoon it is!

Today is Well being Wednesday !

I hope you manage to enjoy it… and remember the sunscreen !

I have just noticed the date too. If we take out the 0 it’s a forwards/backwards day!

Here is all you need for today. I have put the spelling on again. I don’t know what happened yesterday but the internet was extremely slow so maybe it is lost floating somewhere in the icloud! I have put the answers from yesterday’s measurements at the end of Wednesday’s tasks.

Do what you can as we all have different family circumstances to fit around. I will be on Teams on and off ! There is also an assignments folder for you to upload any work and which allows me to give you personal feedback privately!

Have a great day!

Ms Hastie

Enjoy your day!