P3 RME – 21.05.20

This term we are learning about different religious foods and festivals from around the world. Today we are going to learn more about the Buddhist festival of Wesak (or Vesak).

Before we begin, think about:

  • What do you know already about Buddhism?
  • What do you know about Wesak?
  • How do you think food is important during Wesak?

Before we learn more about Wesak, here is a basic introduction to Buddhism:

Then learn more about the Buddhist festival of Wesak:


Think about or discuss these questions with someone at home:

  • When is Wesak celebrated?
  • What is the other name for Wesak?
  • What does Wesak celebrate?
  • How do Buddhists celebrate Wesak?
  • What kind of food do Buddhists eat during Wesak?

If you are interested in learning more about Wesak and Buddhism:



Possible follow up activities:

Make a Wesak lantern – paper or jam jar

Try meditating

Make a vegetarian meal

Make a mandala