P4W Wise Woodies Learning Together at Home 21.5.20

Hello everyone!   I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday.

Thursday 21 May 2020    21.5.20

Thursday Challenge- We are learning to calculate a quarter of an amount.

To calculate a quarter of an amount, half it then half it again.

For example: 84– half is 42, half it again is 21.                                                                                                                          So quarter of 84= 21

Task- calculate a quarter of these amounts.

SUPER–  20    40    100   80     12    16     88      48

FANTASTIC–  120     280     68      460    76     248    360   1000

SPECTACULAR–  236    £56    164m   720   £528    480km    1076

Extra Challenge– Think like a mathematician. What can you say about all of these numbers?

Daily Maths- We are learning to count in halves.                                                                                                              We are learning to show halves on a number line.

Task- Count out loud in halves from 1 to 10-  One, one and a half,  2,  2 and a half,  3,                                 3 and a half 4. four and a half………..                                                                                                           Count again – clap on every whole number.   ONE,  one and a half, TWO, two and a half,               THREE……                                                                                                                                                         Try counting in halves between other numbers.                                                                                       Count as you do some skipping!

Now use these skills to complete the number lines.

Worksheet 1 What Quantity?

Worksheet 2 Halves on a Number Line

Extra Challenge- Create one of these sheets to show your understanding of counting in quarters.

 Literacy- Keep working on your assignment. Use the star steps to create a successful newspaper report.

Daily LiteracyWe are learning to use apostrophes to combine words.

Task- Go to the link and complete activity 3.


Extra Challenge– Using felt pens create a colourful ‘Contraction’ word mat we could use to help us when we are  writing. I Show the long version with two words, then the contracted version. Include an illustration.


Art and Design– What have you learned about Charles Rennie Mackintosh?                                                                    Where would you find good examples of his work?                                                                                  What does an architect do?                                                                                                                            What evidence is there to show he had a love of nature?

Science investigation– We are learning to think like scientists.                                                                            See Monday’s activity.

Extra Challenge Write up a Lab Report describing your experiment. Use diagrams to add extra detail. Reflect on your investigation – how could you have improved it?

Lab Report

Have a good day!