Really Weird, chapter 18

Chapter 18, part 1
Chapter 18, part 2

Check you understand:

  • Herring
  • Brusquely
  • An avenging ghost
  • Sheepishly
  • Intently (he watched the scene intently)
  • Reconciled
  • Auction
  • Ram (the livestock kind)

Think about these comprehension questions:

  • What do you think Andy might be feeling when “his face goes white, then bright red, then green again”?
  • Why did the brothers stop talking to each other?
  • What do you think they said to each other in the bedroom to fix it?
  • What does a luh look like?
  • How does Uncle Alistair react to the brothers fighting? Why does it interest him so much?
  • Where do you think the ghost disappears to?
  • What gift does the luh give Luca? Why does he give them a gift?
  • How do you think Luca feels about this RWR adventure compared to their other adventures? Why do you think that?