Learning Together at Home 22.5.20


Joe Wicks has a great workout everyday at 9am which is saved on his YouTube page to do whenever you like  . . .


Modern Languages Have a look at the NEW Modern Languages grid below. Try to have a go at 3 of the activities on the grid.

Modern Languages 2 Second Level


Spelling – 

Ask someone at home to test you on your spelling words. If they could test you by putting the words in a sentence that would be even better. Any words you got wrong last week could be included in the test also. As always let me know what your score is. Thank you very much to all those who do that.

Writing – Lock down Museum

We are living through a key event in World History. Let’s create a virtual Lock down museum! Choose 3 items that would represent your time during lock down. Take a photo of them and send them to me (either via Teams chat or e-mail). Be sure to write about why you have chosen that item and what it meant to you during lock down. Here are my three items I would add to a lock down museum –

  • my laptop which has allowed me to still ‘see’ people and talk to friends and family.
  • a bike that my brother has loaned me. Always good to have a new challenge and to keep fit and healthy.
  • flowers that have helped brighten my home seeing as I am spending so much more time here.

Imagine someone is looking round this museum in 50 years time. They would be fascinated to know what you chose and WHY. I look forward to seeing and reading about your items.


Challenges – https://www.transum.org/software/SW/Starter_of_the_day/starter_May23.asp


Number –

Have a go at this Maths mystery challenge . . .  don’t worry if you cannot print the booklet. You can still have a go at the Maths tasks using your Numeracy jotter.

The Mystery of the Melting Ice Creams Maths Game

I will save all the resources in Teams so if any file does not open have a look for it on Microsoft Teams.

As always any questions . . . just ask!

Miss Fotheringham