P3 French Friday 22.5.20


Have you been counting rainbows in windows? There are so many all over our city. I wonder who has spotted the most?

The French word for rainbows is arc en ciel.

Do you remember the words for some colours in French?

Here is a reminder:

Les Couleurs

bleu – blue

blanc – white (remember we don’t pronounce the finalwhen we say this word)

rouge – red

noir – black

jaune – yellow

vert – green

orange – orange

violet – purple

rose – pink

I’m sure that you know or have heard the rainbow song. Here is the same tune but sung in French. Have a listen to it a few times (it’s very short) and see if you can hear the word for a rainbow. You could try to learn the song if you would like to.



In French the colour comes after the noun. For example we would say – The blue house but in French it would become La maison bleue. The house blue.

In your jotter write today’s date and the heading Les Couleurs

Dessinez (draw)

a. une maison (house) jaune

b. un bateau(boat) bleu

c. un chat(cat) vert

d. un chien(dog) noir

e. une souris(mouse) rouge

f. un cheval (horse) blanc

Have a look at this very silly song which mentions some of the colours and also the word for a rainbow.



I hope you have fun singing these songs and learning some French words for colours.

A plus tard ( see you later) !