P5M Learning Together at Home 22.05.20

Good afternoon, its Fri-yay!

Here are your numeracy and literacy tasks for today:

I have linked the French grid that we have previously started. There may be some activities that you wish to finish off. There will be a new French grid on Monday.


Your task this week is to carry out some research on China. There is a fact file linked below, you may use this or you may choose to present the information in a different way e.g. poster, power point etc.

Silk Road Week – Optional Task

For Silk Road Week, 19-24 June, the China National Silk Museum, Hangzhou, has created a Silk Road colouring activity. For the next six weeks, they will issue 5 colouring templates each week, free to download. There are prizes for the best entries they receive by email. For more info, see this link http://inzj.zjol.com.cn/News/202005/t20200516_11969794.shtml or @SilkRoadWeek on twitter.

Silk Road Week celebrates and commemorates the Dunhuang to Tianshan Mountains receiving UNESCO World Heritage status. For more info, see the Silk Road Week website http://www.silkroadweek.com/en

Here are the first five colouring pages:

I am available to help on Teams today. Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Mrs Nicholson