P3M Learning Together at Home Wednesday 27.5.20

Hello everyone

I hope that you managed to have a good weekend despite the wind and wild weather. I saw some cygnets when I was out my walk on Sunday at Blackford Pond. I kept a safe distance as swans can be a bit scary if you disturb their babies but I was still able to see them clearly. They were light brown and very fluffy.




Complete an activity from your spelling grid to help you learn your new words.


Complete an activity from the sheet assigned to your group. These can be found in Teams(in the general channel under files).


Keep reading a book for enjoyment every day.


Today I would like you to write about your experience of lockdown.

This Friday on the  29th May it will be 10 weeks since the schools closed and we were not allowed to leave our homes except for shopping and exercise.

What have you found challenging about lockdown? Not being able to see your friends? Not being able to play the sport or do the hobbies you enjoy? Not going to school?

I have really missed meeting my friends for coffee and going to the beach and these are the two things I am looking forward to most when we are allowed to go out.

Is there anything you have enjoyed about lockdown? Maybe you have liked doing your schoolwork at home? Perhaps all your family have been at home too and you have enjoyed spending more time with them?

I have enjoyed having more time for walking, especially in this season when there are lots of flowers coming in to bloom and new leaves on the trees.

Can you think about one day or time which you really enjoyed?

I had my birthday in lockdown, I was really lucky because it was a beautiful sunny day. The sky was blue the whole day without any clouds at all. My son Danny made us scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast and the four of us ate together. Then I opened my presents and cards. Three of my friends had made my birthday cards and they were funny and really special. They had put a lot of effort into them and thought about the things I like.  I had a video call with my friends and even though I couldn’t see them in person it still made me happy to chat to them. After my favourite dinner of roast chicken my family and I went for a walk. 

Think about what you have found hard about lockdown but also if there has been anything positive about it.

Don’t worry too much about punctuation and spelling as we are going to edit it tomorrow. Today it is more important to get your ideas down on paper. Think about what staying at home  has been like:  the good and the bad.

Different ways to start your writing:

I have found staying at home……………………

During lockdown I have……………………….

My favourite part of lockdown has been…………………..

Remember to keep reading your work over as you write it. This really helps you to see if all the words work together and it is easier to notice whether you have missed out any words.



Mental Maths

How quickly can you answer these table questions ?












If you feel confident with the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables, have a go at the 6 times table.









12 x 6



When measuring weight we are trying to find out how heavy or light something is.

When we weigh objects we usually use kilograms. We can write kilograms as kg.

Remember 1kg = 1000g. 1 kilogram = 1000 grams

A litre bottle of juice weighs 1 kilogram.

A bag of sugar weighs 1 kg.

Would an apple weigh more or less than 1 kilogram?

If it is lighter it must weigh less than 1kg.

Write the heading – Measure- weight- at the top of a new page and today’s date- 27.5.20.

Look at the pictures below with the amounts beside them ( a big thank you to my daughter Caitlin for her drawings!) and decide which is the lighter object. Write your answers in your jotter.





Answer the following questions in your jotter.

Put each list in order. Start with the heaviest.

a. 3kg,  8kg , 4kg

b. 9kg,  11kg, 14kg, 10kg

c. 6kg,  1kg,  8kg,  20kg

d. 23kg, 31kg, 27kg, 30kg

e. 147kg, 131kg, 211kg

f. 130kg, 201kg, 1000kg, 99kg


a. Make a lost of ten things that would be lighter than 1kg. ( Have a look round your house to help you to find different objects).

b. Now make a list of ten things that would be heavier than 1kg.

d. How many kilograms do you weigh?

e. Guess in kilograms the weight of your chair.

f. Guess in kilograms the weight of a cat.

g. How many half kilograms are the same as 1kg?

Have a look around your house. Do you have sets of scales to measure how heavy and light things are ? Maybe you have scales in the kitchen or the bathroom? I have a set of scales in my kitchen. I find them very useful as I enjoy cooking and use them to weigh out the correct amount of ingredients. They have a digital display. When I am cooking pasta I weigh out 400g, enough for all the family.




Remember to check the separate posts for handwriting and science today.

Have a lovely day. Remember to do what you can but make sure you enjoy the sunshine too.

Mrs Munro