Learning Together at Home 28.5.20

Hello P6F !!

Joe Wicks has a great workout everyday at 9am which is saved on his YouTube page to do whenever you like  . . .


Modern Languages Have a look at the Modern Languages grid below. Try to have a go at 3 of the activities on the grid.

Modern Languages 2 Second Level

Music – Check out these fantastic Music activities. Enjoy . . . Second Level Music Activities During School Closures


Health and Wellbeing – 

Today I would like you to think about some FEELING words that describe your experience of lockdown. How have you felt at various points during the last few months? A lot of people have  found they have experienced highs and lows. A few examples of FEELING words could be . . . sad, excited, content, anxious, frustrated . . .

Create a wordsearch using the words you have listed. You can either use the template here wordsearch template OR simply use the squares in your Numeracy jotter.

You can either keep these to yourself or share these with a family member.


Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes

Read/Study pages 4 – 11 and complete the tasks within those pages. Remember the answers are at the end of the booklet. Once you have completed these pages can you explain to somebody at home what a root word is (and give an example).



Number – Sumdog Challenge

I have set a challenge on Sumdog that will be live for 1 week. After the one week is over I will have a look at how you have all done on Sumdog. Good Luck!



Use your knowledge of AREA to solve the real life area problem challenge cards.

Real world Area problems

There are 20 in total.

Remember that to find the area of a square/rectangle you multiply the length by the width.

Technical Drawing

Design an invention that would make lock down easier. E.g. plastic sheet with arms to help grandparents hug grandchildren. It could be something for your garden or something to help you stay in touch with people easier . . .


What would you design to help you adapt to lockdown life?

Draw a picture of your design. Label your diagram with important features and remember to include information such as materials.

Upload your photo to Microsoft Teams chat page so that everyone can see your design.

I will save all the resources in Teams so if any file does not open have a look for it on Microsoft Teams.

As always any questions . . . just ask!

Miss Fotheringham