P3 Learning Together at Home- French Friday 29.5.20


Did anyone sing along to the rainbow song last week?

Today we are going to do some revision on days of the week.

Without looking at the words – what days can you remember in French?

Try saying them out loud.

How did you get on?


Here they are :

Les jours de la semaine– the days of the week

Monday – lundi

Tuesday – mardi

Wednesday – mercredi

Thursday – jeudi

Friday – vendredi

Saturday – samedi

Sunday – dimanche

Did you notice that the days of the week in French do not have capital letters? Well done if you did!

Here is Alexa to help with the correct pronunciation



If you can, practise with someone at home:

One of you says

Quel jour sommes – nous?– What day is it?

The other can reply

Aujourd’hui c’est …………………….. – Today it is ……………………….


You could make a diary for your week. Divide up a page into 7 boxes and write the days of the week in French at the top of each box. Draw a picture of something you have done that day.

You could write the days of the week in French on card or paper. Get someone at home to say a day of the week in English. You have to hold up the card with the correct word as quickly as possible.

Take your cards and put them in the correct order.


aujourd’hui – today

demain – tomorrow

hier – yesterday

le matin – the morning/in the morning

le soir – the evening/ in the evening


A song to enjoy :


Au revoir, bon week-end!