Learning Together at Home – 01.06.20

Monday 1st June

Good afternoon P5H,

WOW! It is June! It certainly feels like the summer is approaching with the beautiful weather we have been having – hope you managed to get out!

It was lovely “hearing” from some of you on Friday! Hopefully see you on Friday again!

Here is today’s learning. As always, please ask if you don’t understand something. Here is also the Learning Grid for the next two weeks. Complete as much, or as little, as you can. Learning Grid WB 01.06.20

Have a lovely day!

Miss Martin



Spelling – We are learning to spell unfamiliar words using our spelling rule. SPELLING P5 WEEK 30 Please see the document for this week’s activities.

Reading – We are learning to show our understanding by answering questions.

Star Steps

  • Refer to the text (always)
  • Answer in sentences (including the question in your answer)
  • Give as much detail as possible

Watch the following clip and complete the Reflective Reading grid. Please share your answers on Teams.


Reflective Reading – 5 metres 80

Word of the day – “yearning”

Remember to copy the word into the back page of your jotter and find/record the definition.

Optional Task:  Tell a Story using the sentence starter below

Ever since her imprisonment, Oz had felt a deep yearning for…


Mental Maths – We are learning to order numbers.

Choose one and put into order from smallest to largest.


Numeracy – We are learning to simplify fractions.

Star Steps (when simplifying fractions) –

  • Find a number you can divide the numerator and denominator by (with no remainders)
  • Simplify the fraction by dividing
  • Whatever you divide the numerator by, you must divide the denominator by the same number

Star Steps (when finding the fractions simplest form) –

  • As above but remember you only have reached the simplest form when you can’t divide both the numerator and the denominator by the same number and have no remainders

Last week we looked at Equivalent Fractions and were multiplying fractions to find an equivalent fraction. This week, we are finding equivalent fractions by dividing them (simplifying fractions).

Watch the clip for an understanding…

(Please note: This is an American clip and call it Reducing Fractions – we call it  Simplifying Fractions. They also say a fraction “in its lowest terms”, we call this “simplest form”.)

Here is another explanation as it is quite tricky…


Don’t use the tool to complete your work though!

Now complete one of the following (remember our star steps!):




Please ask for help on Teams if you are finding it tricky – it is hard so don’t worry!

Friday’s Quiz

Optional Task: For Friday’s meeting…we are hoping to have a quiz. We are asking everyone to bring a question to the meeting (you need to know the answer too) to ask at the quiz. It can be anything that you have learnt this year at school, e.g. to do with the body, times tables, time etc. We look forward to answering them on Friday.