P5H Learning Together at Home 02.06.20

Good morning P5H!

The sun is still shining at the moment! I hope you had a great weekend .

I noticed on my walk yesterday that we are down to 2 cruisers on the sea….I wonder where they have gone?

We have put another folder in Assignments Called Learning Tasks WB 1.06.20 so you can upload any work for personal feedback . It will not be visible to anyone else .We check regularly but it takes longer to find if work is not marked ” handed in” so that would be really helpful. You will have to check back too to see if your work has been marked. We have enjoyed reading your stories , reflections, number work and art work. Thank you!

Here is every thing you need for today’s learning. Try and do what your can to fit in with your family routine. We understand life can be hectic at this time.

There is also another link to the French weather which should give sound attached to the blog but the link is also in the 02.06.20 document.

Have a lovely day!

Ms Hastie

Enjoy your day !