P3 Handwriting – Wednesday 3 June

Good afternoon P3!

We have 4 letters in the alphabet that we have not revised yet; s, z, p and q. Therefore, today we are going to work on all of these.

As usual, if you have been working on longer passages, continue to do so.

You may copy any text you like, but I have attached an extract from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, that you might like to use. The book the extract comes from was written in 1866. I wonder if any of you can work out how many years ago this was?

If you have not been forming letters using cursive handwriting, continue to do what you feel comfortable with.

Remember our Star Steps;

  • Correct pencil grip.
  • Good posture.
  • Start every letter at the same place.
  • Keep your pencil on the page until you have finished each word.

Make sure you are really thinking about where the letters need to be in relation to the lines on the page, Think about the grass, the ground and the sky.

Start with a warm up.

If you feel like a challenge, have a go at this finger workout. I will need to spend a bit more time practising before I master this one!

Video of s, z, p and q

Here is the video for this week’s letters:

Here is a sentence for you to write using the letters we have been focussing on this week.

Don’t forget to self-assess. Green for great and pink for think (or practice).

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Bailey