Wednesday 3rd June 2020 – Learning at Home Together

Good Morning P4J 🙂

Below are the tasks for Wednesday.

Chapter 5 has been uploaded to Teams. Here are the key questions for Chapter 5:

  • The author wrote ‘There’s something amiss’. What does this mean?
  • What is an heir?
  • Who is Jupiter?
  • Did you notice any Latin words in this chapter? What did they mean?
  • Why do you think charioteers needs to be short and light?


L.I We are learning to quickly and accurately recall our 5 times table.

Daily Morning Challenge

Write out the 5 times table. 

Write down the division facts alongside it. For example:    1 x 5 = 5     5 ÷ 5  = 1

Answer the following sums as quickly as you can. Then check your answers.

Mild:    5 x 5      5 x 3      5 x 10      5 x 2       5 x 7      5 x 9       5 x 2       5 x 8

Spicy:   5 x  5        5 x 8       35 ÷ 5       50 ÷ 5      15 ÷ 5        5 x 9      55 ÷ 5

Hot:   9 x 5    12 x 5     55 ÷ 5      30 ÷ 5    45 ÷ 5     7 x 5    4 x 5    8 x  5


L.I We are learning to spell unfamiliar words using our spelling rule.

Over the years the pronunciation of words has changed and some letters appear in the spelling of words which are no longer sounded
Silent ‘k’ followed by ‘n’ – kn

Daily Spelling Activity Task: choose a different spelling activity from the pack that you have at home and remember to Look, Cover, Write, Check.

Spicy – knee knot knight knew knives knock knit kneel know 

Hot – knowledge kneeling knitting knocked knead knuckle knoll knack knelt 

Tricky words –know no


L.I – We are learning to count in fifths. We are learning to show that one fifths is the same as two tenths.

Daily Maths Task: Complete Task 1 to show that one fifth is the same as two tenths. Complete  Task 2 to count in fifths on a number line.

Task 1:PPm 161 If you can’t access a printer, try using a ruler to draw out the some of the shapes and complete the tasks.

Task 2: PPM 162  If you can’t access a printer, use a ruler to draw your own number line and tables, and then complete the tasks.


Read 20-30 pages of your reading book.

L.I: We are learning to use metaphors and similes.

Daily Literacy Task: Complete Activity 3 in the link below. 

Remember to read a book of your choice for pleasure every day for 30 minutes.


L.I We are learning to identify parts of the body that we need to protect.

Science Task: On Monday you looked at the uniform that Roman soldiers wore. You will have noticed that Roman soldiers used coverings for different parts of the body. For example, they wore a helmet to protect their head. 

  • Think about the Roman soldier’s uniform, can you explain why they protected those areas but not every part of the body?
  • What would ordinary Romans wear?
  • Can you think of a way to improve the inform to protect a piece of the body that wasn’t covered?
  • What do we use to protect different parts of our bodies and why? (For example, when we are cycling we wear a helmet to protect our head in case we fall off).
  • Can you think of any protection that sports people wear to protect their bodies?


L.I We are learning to develop our level of fitness.

Daily P.E Task:  choose a daily task to challenge yourself!


If you can’t access any of the links or have any questions, please ask on Teams 🙂

Have a lovely Wednesday Jumping Jigglypuffs 🙂