Learning together at home. P1 Divine Dragonflies 4.06.2020

Good morning my Dragonflies!

How are you all today?

I hope you are having a great week. The weather has been a bit colder but we can still go out and play outside everyday.

Here is the learning for today:


Learning Intention:

We are learning to explore sounds, letters and words, discovering how they work together, and how we can use what we have learned to help us write.

Success Criteria:

  • I can form most lowercase letters legibly.
  • I know the sounds of lowercase and some uppercase letters.
  • I can leave a space between words when writing.
  • I can write words from left to right.
  • I try to spell familiar words correctly.
  • I try to use a capital letter and a full stop in at least one sentence.


Today our focus sound is wh.

Video exploring wh



 Please use these Power Points to review this sound that we worked at school.

wh sound


  • Examples: when, which, wheel, whisper, wheat, whim.

 Use the words above to make flash cards!


  • Sand writing (you can use rice, foam, etc)


  • Across and down.


Worksheet wh sound:

Mild: t-l-8480-find-and-write-the-wh-words-differentiated-activity-sheets-_ver_2

Spicy: t-l-8480-find-and-write-the-wh-words-differentiated-activity-sheets-_ver_2 spicy

Hot: t-l-8480-find-and-write-the-wh-words-differentiated-activity-sheets-_ver_2 hot

Focus: Writing

Task: Look at the image provided. Please write about what you can see in the picture describe at least 3 things that you can see in the picture.

First ask your child these or similar questions:

  • Who is the man on the photograph? Can you describe him?
  • What potion is he making? What colours are the potions? What are the potions for?
  • What might the vessels and books on the table contain?
  • If you could make any magic potion, what would you make?

Bank of describing words (adjectives):

Dark, pink, old, new, messy, bright, wooden, smart, curious, small, medium, big. You can add your own ones too!


( Image from Pobble 365:   Photo courtesy of Petur Antonsson http://www.artstation.com/artist/paacart)

Adult, please don’t focus on correcting the spelling to start with if it is phonetically correct.


  • Capital letter at the beginning of a sentence. (please only use capital letters in the correct place and encourage your child to use lowercase letters while writing).
  • Full stop at the end of a sentence.
  • Finger spaces between words.


  • Can you tell a short story about what the man is doing and what happens afterwards?
  • Write at least four sentences.

I would love to see your amazing writing once it is finished.


Use the words from your book from this week and previous weeks to make your own sentences.

Lizards: Clothes for Rain clothes for rain

Dolphins: Diggers Diggers fact book

Lions: Patterns patterns

Cheetahs: Ballet Ballet

Challenge: Julia Donaldson A Biography




Learning Intention

We are developing our awareness of how money is used and we can recognise and use a range of coins.

Success Criteria

  • I can identify all coins to £2.
  • I can apply addition and subtraction skills and use 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins to pay the exact value for items to 10p.

Our focus today is adding coins (an extension from yesterday’s work).

Warm up

How much do the ice cream cost?



Who has the most money?

Mild: Who Has the Most Money mild

Spicy: Who Has the Most Money spicy

Hot: Who Has the Most Money hot

 General ideas on Monday’s blog

Have a Thrilling Thursday!


Mrs de Bonrostro