Wise Woodies Learning Together at Home 4.6.20

Hello everyone!

Thursday 4 June 2020       4.6.20

We are learning to use the < and > symbols to compare numbers.

<   means less / smaller  than     235 <  567                                                                                               > means greater / bigger than      853 > 425                                                                                          Remember, the wide open mouth of the crocodile faces the biggest number!

Use < and > to compare these numbers.

SUPER–      36     25,    75   65,     78     96      125    86,     273   145,      548   754

FANTASTIC–  483   625,    518  508,   3652  3648,    5053   5058,     7206   7106

SPECTACULAR   4365  4356,      2097   2079,     8764    8784,     10 365   10 065.                                                                  16 345    16 045,     36 870    36 877                                                                                             

We are learning to count in fifths.

Task- count in fifths- 0 …one fifth…..two fifths…..all the way to 1….1 and one fifth….one and two fifths…all the way to 2….2 and one fifth….all the way to 10. Clap on the whole numbers.


Daily Maths-we are learning to write fifths in words and numbers.                                                                              We are learning to count in fifths and tenths and record this on a number line.

PPm 163


PPM 164

Extra Challenge- Make links between fifths and money.                                                                                                      Find one fifth of £1, two fifths of £1, three fifths and four fifths.                                                            Make the same calculations with £2, £10 and £100.

Continue to  work on our Maths Challenge. Thank you to everyone to has already uploaded their assignment. They look great!

You can find more information on Monday/Tuesday’s blog and Teams.

Please upload your completed challenge through the submission box found on the ‘assignment box’ on Teams by Friday at 11am. I am looking forward to seeing your games.



Daily Literacy – we are learning to develop our knowledge of poetry styles.

Shape Poems2

I might begin my shape poem with: Enormous Elephant

I could begin my poem with: Beautiful Butterfly

How will you choose to begin your shape poem?


Daily Spelling Activity– choose an activity to help you learn this week’s spelling words. See Monday or Tuesday’s blog.                                                                                                                             Add three of the words you have on your ‘Word Wizard’ list. Use your activity to learn how to spell them.


Weekly Reading Task– Word Wizard. Have you found eight interesting words in the book you are reading? Find the definitions.  Choose your favourite words from your list. Can you use any of the in your shape poem?  See Monday or Tuesday’s for the word list.

Listening Skills – We are learning to develop our skills by listening to ‘Elevenses from the world of David Walliams’.

Reading for Pleasure- Enjoy relaxing with a book of your choice. It can be fiction or non-fiction.

Weekly topic task– We are developing our knowledge of the Roman army.

See Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday’s blog for details.


Science Investigation – we are developing our knowledge of biology.                                                                                       We are developing out thinking skills.

Go to the link:



Click on the Roman Legionary and find out about his equipment.

Explain why Roman soldiers used protection to cover some parts of their bodies but not others.

How would you improve the protective equipment given to a Roman Legionary?

What do we wear to protect different parts of our bodies and why?

What do people playing sports wear to protect their bodies and why?

What protection do people wear at work and why?

You can brainstorm your ideas, create a mind-map or draw and label a report.


French– We are learning to use phrases to describe the weather.                                                                       Can you describe today’s weather in French?

P.E.-We are developing our fitness.

Have a good day!