This is today’s learning:

Literacy Activities


Today our focus sounds are igh/-y

Power Points:


  • Examples (igh): sigh, high, bright, fright, light
  • Examples (-y): my, by, why, shy

Be Geraldine

Be Geraldine, have a look around your house and see if there are any words featuring the igh/ -y sounds.

Please complete the attached igh/ -y worksheets.

Warm up – Real or nonsense words

Write all of the words underneath the pictures (some words are not ‘igh’ words). Then colour the ones that have the ‘igh’ sound in them.

Mild:   Differentiated worksheet 1 star

Spicy: Differentiated worksheet 2 star

Hot: Differentiated worksheet 3 star

I sound spelt -y worksheet – cut and paste

Tricky words

Please revise Block 1, 2 and 3 as well as the First 100 Fry words. Take your time, every child is at a different stage. Follow your child’s lead. Don’t rush, it is better to have few secured than all not consolidated.

  • Please continue to use the tricky word power points.
  • Challenge: If your child can read all of the words quickly and confidently test how well they can independently spell the tricky word when you read them out loud (just like dictation). Continue to practice your 100 fry words.



Reading Fluency:

Read the book to an adult without support


The dragon balloon

Chicken Licken

The snowman

Painting the loft

Pirate adventure


Learning Intention

I have explored numbers and I can use them to count forward and backwards, create sequences and describe order.

I use practical materials and can ‘count on and back’.

Success Criteria

Recalls the number sequence forwards within the range 0 – 30 from any given number.

Identifies and recognises numbers from 0 to 100.

Identifies the number before, the number after and missing numbers in a sequence.


Please look at the following worksheets and complete as much as your child is able – there are a few worksheets within each file. This will be your numeracy tasks for today and tomorrow so please take your time.

Mild: sequence snakes

Spicy: counting in 1’s

Hot:  counting in 2’s


Counting in 5’s

Counting in 10’s