Learning Together at Home: 15.06.20

Hello Clever Cats! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed your ‘trip’ to the beach on Friday 😊

This week I will be posting a blog as usual today, tomorrow and Thursday. On Wednesday there will be a whole school virtual ‘trip’ somewhere and on Friday there are more whole school activities planned. Next week I will post a grid of activities for the week on Monday.

Your final Teams assignment for the year was posted on Thursday. It is an art activity related to Beatrix Potter. I have attached the details here again in case you need them.

Literacy: spelling

This week your spelling rule looks at the j sound at the end of a word again. Because no word in English ends with the letter j, we have to use ge instead, but it still makes the j sound. For example: cage and rage.

When the word has a stretchy vowel before the final j sound, it ends in ge (like in page).
When the word has a bouncy vowel sound before the final j sound, it ends in dge (like in bridge).

Watch these videos to help you understand:

Last week most of your spelling words had the a sound before the final j sound. This week you are going to look at some different sounds before the final j sound. Copy out your chosen list to learn this week:

Word listChallenge list

Add 2 more words to your list that you need to work on. These could be tricky words that you have found difficult over the last few weeks or it could be 2 words from the common words lists sent home in your pack.

Check any unknown words in the dictionary or by asking someone at home what they mean. Practice your spelling list at least once using one of the suggested ways on your Spelling Homework Grid.

Literacy: reading

Last week you learnt about Beatrix Potter and then created an information booklet about her. Your task this week is very similar, but you will be creating a booklet about a topic that you are interested in. Your booklet must be non-fiction (not a story) so to start you off your reading task today is also non-fiction. Choose one of the reading tasks below and answer the attached questions in your jotter using full sentences.

More details about the information booklet will be posted tomorrow as your writing lesson.

Spend at least 15 minutes reading out loud to a grown up as well. This could be any book that you are enjoying at the moment.

Maths: area

Spend some time working on your core numeracy skills. Try to focus on an area you find tricky. You could play some games on Sumdog and Topmarks like:

Daily 10

Mental Maths Train

Hit the Button

This week, we are going to be learning about areas of shapes. The area of a shape means how much space it takes up.

When measure area in square units.

Open this document and have a go at working out the area of the shapes. Just do what you can.

See you tomorrow Clever Cats!