P2 Warty Gruffalos Learning Together at Home

Good afternoon Warty Gruffalos, it’s  thrilling Thursday today!

Did you enjoy your virtual trip to Disney World in Florida yesterday?  I LOVE Disney World and I had so much fun!  I even put my Minnie Mouse ears on! 😊

I am in school today, it will be very strange to be in our classroom without all of you! 

It has been lovely to see all your smiley faces and amazing talks that you have sent us. Thank you so much – they have really made us smile, we are missing you lots!  We are very proud of you all – you’re doing a fantastic job!  😊

You will find the highlighted weekly planner and todays learning below.

Have a great day!  

Mrs Graham and Mrs Williamson

Highlighted Weekly Planner:

P2WG and P2C Weekly Planner 15 6 20

The same as before, our daily blog is attached as a Word document and all the links to websites, learning activities/grids/worksheets and quick links which will support your learning are attached on the blog, just underneath the Word document.

Please let us know if there are any issues. Just click on the links below to get started on your learning. 

Word Document:


Here are the links, PowerPoints, resources and worksheets you can use to support your learning:


Minibeast Factfile – info found on Monday’s Word Document


Maths (weight and capacity) 

Weight PowerPoint   Weight   (Choose the ‘Presentation- Kilograms or Grams)

Weight Worksheets     Weight    (Choose the two activity sheets -‘How Many Grams?’ and ‘Making a Kilogram’)     

Weight Challenge Cards   Weight Challenge Cards  

Topmarks  Weight Game  (Choose your level for differentiation) 



Capacity PowerPoint Capacity 2   (Choose Presentation Litres and Millilitres)

Capacity Worksheets   Capacity 2    (Choose the two activity sheets – ‘How Many Millilitres?’ and ‘How Many Litres?’)      

Capacity Challenge Cards   Capacity Challenge Cards

Topmarks Capacity Game (Choose your level for differentiation)http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/capacity/index.html 



Quick links

Some useful advice for Parents 

Spelling City P2 page


Free audiobooks for children

 Mrs Imrie’s blog page

Daily Live Activities