Welcome P2M

Hello P2M and welcome to our class blog!

This week we have have had a health and well-being focus – this will continue next week.

Every Friday at 12.30 I will post a little update of our week at school!

We have had a busy few days learning all the new routines and ‘rules’ we have at school.

The children have been fantastic and have adjusted really well to all the new changes – I’m already super proud of them!

It would be really helpful if you could remind your child every morning that the first thing we do at school is wash our hands (coats, bags and shoes stay on). Having empty hands would also really help us with this and speed up our morning routine.

Please label all clothing, shoes, bags too – that would also be super helpful.

Thanks again for your support in making our return to school as safe and calm as possible – we will get through this together!

I’m really excited to be your child’s teacher this year – I’m here for your child and you, so please do not hesitate to send me an email via the office admin if you need anything (catching me at the door might be a little tricky for a while).

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Have fun and stay safe,

Miss McGhee 🙂