p1 Tigers Reflective Friday 21.8.20

Welcome to our first Reflective Friday blog post.

The children have had a great week settling into our new routines and making friends.

We were so lucky on Wednesday to receive a very special Buckstone Bear from the people at Fairmilehead Parish Church. It was so kind of them to think of us. We had our photo taken with bears and you can see the article by following this link.

Mrs Cross’s dog enjoyed meeting the                                      Buckstone Bear and hearing all about                                      his day at school with the children.

Literacy –

  • We have been listening to rhyming stories and learning to explore rhyme and rhyming words.

  • We are practising our talking and listening skills as we share our memory boxes with the class. We are working our way through a few each day, allowing each child to take time to share their special items. Boxes will be sent home after they have been shared, but please note that it will take a couple of weeks to get through them all.


  • We have been applying our counting skills and recognising numbers to 20 and beyond.

Other areas of the Curriculum

Our focus this week has been on Health and Wellbeing, settling into routine as well as learning to organise our belongings independently.

We read the story of the Colour Monster, focusing on recognising our emotions.

Things to try at home

Please encourage your child to dress independently, learning skills such as turning sleeves the right way out, ensuring that their shoes are on the right feet, opening their snack packet/tub and packing and unpacking their school bag.

It would be a huge help to us if you could support us in the following ways

  • ensuring that every item of clothing/lunch box/water bottle is clearly named and that your child knows where to look for their name label on each item.
  • regularly checking that the jumper they bring home in their bag does in fact belong to them!
  • ensuring that your child has suitable outdoor footwear and jacket – we will play outside in all but the most extreme weather.
  • packing a delicious lunch that doesn’t take too long to eat. The children enjoy time in the playground after eating, if they eat slowly or have lots of things in their lunch box this can have an impact on how much outdoor time they have.
  • similarly for snack – something filling which is quick and easy to eat at break so they can also enjoy time to run around

Many thanks

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro

n.b. Class teachers each have occasional days out of class to plan and prepare resources, so on occasion Mrs Bailey or Ms Leach will be working with P1 tigers.