P3MB Friday 21 August 2020

Hello everyone

We have reached our first full week back at school and have really enjoyed getting to know each other better.

Here are some of the activities we have been doing:

We have been talking together in Circle Times, discussing our feelings and having a chance to express opinions. We have been playing together at our outdoor times, using team work and keeping fit. We have been looking at our Building Resilience programme and talking about ways of coping with the different emotions we might be experiencing.

We looked at two books in depth: ‘You’re Called What’ and ‘Ruby’s Worry’. We used these as stimuli for written and creative tasks. We found out about mynah birds and drew our own birds for a class display. We decided on a personal target and wrote it on a leaf to add to our achievement tree. The children voted for a class novel and chose an updated version of The Secret Seven.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.