P4H 24.08.20

Our focus this week has been on developing Health and Well being and we have been also exploring the theme of Hedgehogs.

Our blog was created by the whole class.

Numeracy We played bingo with numbers and other quickfire activities. .It was fun we had to think about numbers and their values and listen hard.. We counted forwards and backwards and in 2s 5s and 10

We started the class book called The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith . It is all about a hedgehog called Max who wants to know how to cross the road safely .He gets a bang on his head and can’t speak properly He would have said a “head on a bang!”

We thought of adjectives to describe Max like helpless, brave, friendly adventurous, and daring.

We wrote about the Summer and had to remember to use capital letters and full stops for people and place names too.

Happy Hedgehogs Art We painted our hands and made a hedgehog out of our handprints. It made our hands feel slimy but it was fun. We added bits of woodland which we found in Outdoor Learning. We are very impressed with our creations

We made pennants and drew things we like doing in our free time inside .It was quite hard to remember and we shared the information with our shoulder partner .

In Outdoor Learning we have been playing games and creating art pictures. We love this time!

Masked teacher Quiz The teachers took photos with masks on and we had to guess who they were .It was a whole school competition and we won! We were very pleased!

Have a lovely weekend!