P4W Wonderful Woodland 21.8.20

Hello everyone! It is great to back in school and learning together.

It has been a busy week, organising our classroom and developing our P4W Wonderful Woodland theme.

We have been developing skills across the curriculum.



Developing our reading skills.

Discussing a text with a partner and in a group.

Using adjectives to describe a character.

Finding evidence in a text.



We are developing our knowledge of place value, revisiting and revising our skills using 3-digit numbers.

These skills include reading, writing and counting.

Partitioning and explaining the value of each digit in a number.

Recalling number facts quickly and accurately.


Health and Wellbeing

Sharing the activities we enjoy.

Developing our cooperative skills.

Experiencing the woodland within our playground.

Sharing the skills we have developed over the last few months.

Developing our fitness, listening and quick thinking.


Social Skill

We are learning how to listen carefully- what this looks and sounds like.



Organising information in a mind – map.

Developing our drawing skills.

Developing our design skills.


Have a lovely weekend!