P7H – 21.8.20

Hello from Mrs Haynes, 

It has been great being back in class and teaching in a school again. It has also been lovely being back teaching such a wonderful class, I have missed you all. I hope everyone has enjoyed being back and seeing all their friends again, even if it is a little different to what it was before. Have a look at how smart we all look in our P7 hoodies (with some added masks in a photo too). And our class blog for the week is below. 

Whole class – 21.8.20


This week we started to read our class novel – Kensuke’s Kingdom. We read chapter 1 which is about a boy called Michael and his family who end up living on a boat and start to sail around the world. We answered some comprehension questions on it and had a class debate about if a trip round the world on a boat would be a good idea or not, we decided it would be best not to.


Numeracy/ Maths

We started to do some work on place value. We have looked at lots of different scales and practiced reading them. We also used ‘show me boards’ to write down some really long numbers, up to billions!

We went outside and work out how many steps it took us to walk 1m and then estimated 12m with this. Three pairs managed to get it almost exactly!



We have done lots of art this week – we made self-portraits and our class charter. Our class charter is themed around hippos because our class name is ‘P7 Hungry Hippos’.

In PE we started to do some relay races. We did a hopping, sprinting, skipping and side stepping races.

We got our P7 hoodies (see the photo at the top).

We played a getting to re-know you game, people filled in three facts about themselves in the last week of term in P6, Mrs Haynes printed them out without the names and we had to guess who they were! Some of them were very hard!

Finally, we did room 101. It is a ‘room’ where useless things go in. We had to prepare a presentation on something we thought was useless and then the class voted what went it. The three things we voted in were – Fake Pockets, Covid-19 and Plastic Water Bottles (see pictures for the winners).


What we enjoyed

  • We enjoyed doing room 101.
  • We enjoyed the getting to know you game.
  • We enjoyed getting our P7 hoodies.
  • We enjoyed the class debate.