P3C Blog 28/8/2020

It has been another fun week in P3! We have enjoyed exploring our book “The Bog Baby”! We made predictions about how the story would end and created an information wall. We were learning how to ask and write questions, made posters to help Save Our Bog Babies, and made our own Bog Babies in art!

Other things we have been learning include:

  • Counting in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 3’s (3’s were tricky!)
  • Spelling skills
  • As part of our Outdoor learning we have done PE, singing and looking for Bog Babies. We got wet doing the fitness activities but it was fun!
  • We have been learning interesting facts about animals such as “Could a Whale Swim to the Moon” and “Could a Shark Do Gymnastics” during story time.
Here is a picture of our Bog Babies we made in Art!

Have a great weekend P3C 😊


We are looking forward to start working in our reading groups next week! The class have been asked to bring their purple reading folders into school every day. Small purple jotters are going to be handed out for reading records. Children will be asked to write in them to record the books they are reading themselves. Parents / carers; if you notice that your child has not recorded the book that has been sent home, please support them to do this. Additionally, if you have written a note in the jotter for me, please tell your child so that he / she can show me.

Have a lovely weekend, Mr Campbell