P4H 28.08.20

Another busy week in P4H as we settle back in school. Things are often changing but the class are all brilliant at being flexible and adapting. Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday and children should be prepared for it being outdoors. It will be part of Outdoor Learning time so there will be flexibility on these days as to which zone we use. As the weather is not dependable it would be handy if children came in wellies and waterproof jackets for outdoors whenever possible . Thank you.

We have continued our focus on HWB Our class blog has been written together.


We wrote a story about our news. We worked out non negotiables together for every piece of writing. These are ; always use a sharp pencil ,capital letter and full stops, neat handwriting, remember finger spaces and always check your work.

Spelling We have been learning how to add ing to root words with long vowel sounds and root words with a short vowel and 2 consonant …..

Super/Fantastic are wanting, toasting, eating , flying, sounding, walking, throwing, stealing

Spectacular are searching,explaining, expecting, shocking, learning, happening , soaking, knowing

Our tricky words are other and another

We revised capital letters and full stops . We learned Kung Fu punctuation!! It is great fun.

We learned about the author of our class novel called the Hodgehog by Dick King -Smith . He has written loads of books and most are about animals. We looked at descriptive words.


We have been looking at place values with hundreds , tens and units. We worked on partitioning the numbers.We played bingo and Beat the Teacher to help us understand the numbers. We rolled a dice and wrote down the numbers and worked out if we had a higher of lower number than our shoulder partner. We added on and subtracted numbers too and practiced quick fire numbers


We chose group names and designed a poster together.

We finished our class rainbow. We each drew a section and stuck it all together. It is huge!

Outside learning

We found out how many jumps, skips, hops, tic tacs and steps were in 1 metre and then 2 metres.

We made smiley faces with woodland material. We were very creative. You can see our pictures on the Meet the Teacher powerpoint.

We played detectives and had to work out who everyone was from the clues.

PE We played Tadpole and relay races and developed our fitness.

Have a good weekend!