P5M – What we have been learning this week 28.08.20


This week we have been working hard at improving out descriptive writing skills. We practised using thesauruses to help us improve our vocabulary by choosing more interesting descriptive words, such as shiny, beautiful and bright. We also spent some time looking at different connective words, such as also, however and because to make more complex sentences in our writing.

Once we had practised our writing skills, we put them into action by looking closely into a treasure chest and describing all the things that we would see in it.


We enjoyed some ‘Everyone Reading in Class’ time this week. As we will have ERIC time most days, please feel free to bring your own book in to school with you (which will need to stay in school until you have finished reading it).

We also had a vote as a class to decide what our new class novel will be. We had a unanimous vote for ‘The Creakers’ and will start this next week.

Things to do at home –

Expand your vocabulary by using a dictionary to find the definition of any unknown words – these may be words you can use in our future writing tasks in class and will help with your dictionary skills

Please see spelling document posted on Monday


Maths and Numeracy

This week we have been learning about shape and place value.

We have been reminding ourselves of the value of the digits within a number up to 10,000. To help us with this we have been doing a lot of ordering and breaking down numbers to work out the value of each digit in pairs and on our own. This is helping us understand how numbers are made up. For example 478 = 400 + 70 + 8.

We have also been practising counting up in 3’s and 4’s. We have enjoyed playing around the world and buzz to help us with our times tables.


Things to do at home –


Practice counting in 3’s and 4’s (for example this can be done by counting up your steps in 3’s or 4’s)

Other curricular areas

  • We have been reading health and wellbeing books as a class and chatting about the different relationships they talk about
  • We have also used these books to help us to plan and create a drama based on building relationships. We will perform these to the class next week
  • We explored the different sounds we could make in the playground and then worked in groups to create a tune


Have a lovely weekend!