P6J 28.8.20

A summary of the learning this week in P6J:

Spelling – There are two spelling lists.

The spelling rule this week: at the end of words with more than one syllable, the ‘idg’ sound is spelt ‘age’.

Super: age image stage shortage postage average cottage luggage garage

Fantastic: advantage courage homage heritage sausage forage message hostage language percentage outrage beverage engage

Tricky words: rain reign rein

Maths – We have been learning about the place value of numbers up to 100 000 and beyond.

We have been practising our times tables and recalling multiplication and addition facts quickly and accurately.

We discussed using different strategies to solve addition sums mentally.

Literacy – Our class novel is ‘The Boy At The Back of the Class’. We answered some comprehension questions based on the first few chapters, and discussed the central character Ahmet and what it means to be a refugee.

We practised the skill of proofreading and wrote an academic letter.


  • Drama games (e.g. freeze framing and miming).
  • Creating symmetrical pictures with natural resources.
  • Testing our fitness in the beep test.
  • Learning about Beethoven and listening to some of his music.
  • Learning about Judaism and the story of Moses.
  • Practising talking ‘all about me’ in French.
  • Introducing our ‘mini’ topic about Bees.

Home learning ideas:

Below are some pictures from our week. Have a lovely weekend!