P6NM Week Beginning 24.08.20

Welcome to the P6NM Class Blog!

Thank you for bearing with us over the last few weeks as the website issues were sorted out. We are delighted to have our new class page set up now.  The blog will be updated each Friday to share information about what we have been learning during the week.

Mrs Nicholson and I have had great pleasure in welcoming the pupils back over the past few weeks. It is lovely to see their smiling faces and we are amazed at how much they have grown since we last saw them.  Although things are a little different, everyone has adapted well to the new routines in and around school.

Over the past few weeks we have focussed on Health and Wellbeing. The children have been taking part in lots of art and outdoor learning. Hopefully you will have seen the powerpoint uploaded yesterday, which contains photos of some of the fantastic art work that the children have produced. We have spent time coming up with our class charter which is an agreement that we will all try to be Ready, Respectful and Safe in our class.

We have also started to develop a Wellbeing Toolkit to help us develop strategies when we are feeling overwhelmed.


We have really enjoyed reading A Kind of Spark and doing follow up activities around the themes in this novel.

This week’s spelling rule is below.

Image preview

The tricky words are rain, rein and reign.

We have also been revisiting how to use a dictionary and thesaurus.

Opportunities for Home Learning:

  • Use this link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zbmv2sg/articles/zjyyb82
  • Call out a word and ask your child to find it as quickly as possible in the dictionary.
  • Write some sentences using the words ‘big, small, nice and bad’. Now use a thesaurus to find a synonym for each of these key words. This will make your sentences more interesting.


We have been learning to read, write, compare and order 5 and 6 digit numbers.

We have talked about the digits which make up a number and can work out what each number represents. E.g. In the number 346 892, the 4 represents 40,000 and the 8 represents 800.

We have been reading and recording numbers in words and digits. You could do this at home. Call out a number and ask them to write this down.

We used a number line to show the position of these numbers in relation to each other.

  • At home you could cut out pieces of paper to create a large number line and plot some 5 digit numbers on it.

We ordered and compared numbers by looking carefully at the important digits.

  • At home you could ask your child to find different house prices on the internet then list them in order.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs McFarlane