P7H – 28.8.20

Reflective Friday 28.8.20 – Belle, Darcey, Euan, Korey, Connie and Ariana 



In spelling we were reflecting over some p6 spelling words. Our spelling task was to write out the words and the choose a task from the grid. 


We continued reading are class novel kensukes kingdom and then we did a reading comprehension on it.  


In writing we wrote a discursive essay explaining the pros and con to travelling the world by boat and then got to self asses our work using are successes criteria,  

Numeracy/ Maths 

This week we have been learning about place value. We were focusing on decimals. We were learning about tenths and hundredths and how to write them. With Miss Martin we did a test on shapes so she could see what level we were at. On Friday we started Ninja maths which is similar to beat that’s. We had 5 minutes to answer as many questions as possible. 


In topic work our topic is natural disasters we have watched a video on the earth’s layers and notes on the… crust, the mantle, outer core and the inner core 

In PE we have been working on our fitness and here is some e.g. circuits with Mrs martin and star jumps. We done chair yoga which was different. 

In RME we have watched a video on David and Goliath  

In assembly today we were doing a quiz and at the end sang to you have got a friend in me. 

In French we were learning numbers up to 20 and the game we played for that is… someone had to try and hide an object and the teacher would choose someone to find it and when they got close, they would count louder.     

What we enjoyed 

One thing that we enjoyed this week was finding out our new topic which is natural disaster. 

Another thing that we enjoyed was reading chapter 3 of Kensuke’s Kingdom. 

We enjoyed playing the French game. 

Next steps/home learning 

Here are some home learning tasks 

  • Top marks decimals  
  • You could practice your cursive handwriting  
  • We could find more about natural disasters.