Primary 2 and 3 spelling and reading, week beginning 31st August


Please find below the spelling patterns and words we would like the children to focus on this week.

Here are some spelling activities you might find useful.

Spelling activities

All P2s and P3s: make sure you can correctly write ALL Block 1 tricky words.  We’ve done assessments in class and lots of the children have forgotten how to spell some of these words.  Want, was, saw and put were the words that many children were finding tricky.  If your child can successfully (and independently) write all of the Block 1 words, then please have a go at the Block 2 words as well.

You will find the words below:



This week the P2s will also be revising the sounds: sh, th, ch and wh.  If you would like to help them to do this at home you could look for words with these sounds in a book, magazine or newspaper.


The P3s are revising their initial consonant blends, for example, pl, cl, dr, br

Using digraphs oo and th correctly

There is a list of words to help you with this below.  The tricky words are come, some, said and they.

P3 Spelling week 2


We will begin sending reading books home from next week.  In the meantime, have a look at the story we have been exploring in class, Silly Billy, using the link below.

Silly Billy Read Aloud

Can you…

  • retell the story to an adult in your own words
  • talk about the main character, Billy and describe how he was feeling at the start of the book and how he was feeling by the end of the story
  • talk to an adult about a time that you have felt worried and how you solved it
  • Extra activity: Research the history of worry dolls and where the idea came from?

P2s and P3s…remember to read as much as you can at home.  Read your own favourite stories, get an adult to read aloud to you at bedtime, read to one of your pets/siblings, toys!

Thanks for all of your support,

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham