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P6J Blog 9.10.20

Here is a summary of our learning this week: 

This was written by Louis, Beth and Jack.

Spelling – The spelling rule for next week is:  the ‘ar’ suffix. Art is often used after l.

Super regular calendar burglar circular grammar vinegar similar sugar popular caterpillar

Fantastic perpendicular interstellar cardiovascular extracurricular unfamiliar spectacular registrar funicular particular binoculars

Tricky words: dew due

Literacy- We have been learning about Black History Month and the key figures in black history (e.g. Martin Luther king Jr, Rosa Parks and Barack Obama). We researched an important person in history using the laptops and created notes. We then used these notes to write a biography.

We completed a reading comprehension about Martin Luther Kind Jr.

We have had lots of listening and talking about racism and issues that are in the news at the moment relating to Black History Month and equality. 



ReadingThis week, each Literature Circle set the number of pages they have agreed to read for their next meeting on Wednesday. Here is a reminder of the pages: 

  • Framed – finish your book. 
  • Who’s a Big Bully Then?finish your book. 
  • Friday Forever finish your book. 
  • Our Cit page 243 to the end 
  • The Accidental Time Traveller – finish your book.
  • How Kirsty Jenkins Stole the Elephant – finish your book.
  • Beetle Boy – finish your book.


Home Learning: 

  • Set reading books to be completed by Wednesday. Please bring your book back to school on Wednesday to meet in your Literature Circle. 
  • Create a dictionary of words that your find interesting/you don’t know.
  • Create a boggle game and try it at home.
  • Write a summary at home using ‘Somebody – Wanted – But – So – Then
  • Somebody – Who is the main character?
  • Wanted – What did this character want?
  • But – What was the problem?
  • So – How was the problem solved?
  • Then – What happened at the end?

Maths: This week in maths we have been learning about symmetry. We have been learning to complete a shape using the line of symmetry and find lines of symmetry on a shape. We created symmetrical pictures using origami (pictures at the bottom).

This week we did our big maths beat that to practise the speed and accuracy of our times tables.

On Wednesday we did daily 10, to practice our 6x and 7x tables.

In outdoor learning, we played a maths game with chalk called ‘Fives’.


Home learning:  

  • Practice your times tables..
  • Draw a symmetrical picture.
  • Find lines of symmetry in everyday objects.
  • Ask someone to draw one half of a shape on grid paper and then complete the other side.      



  • In German we have been learning how to introduce ourselves.
  • This week another group shared their fitness program during PE.
  • We learned a bit more about pollination and the anatomy of a flower.


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