P1 Tigers Reflective Friday 6th November

We hope you had a nice week. Our Tigers have been busy learning. Please see below all the things that we have been learning in the different areas of the Curriculum.


This week:

  • We have continued to read books in school: we are learning about making predictions, decoding new words, making inferences from a text, etc. We like using our reading books.
  • We have introduced and reinforce some single sounds and have been using them to create and read words. This week’s sounds were f and u. We made words like: if, fan, far, fog, sum, hut and fur. For the first time we have introduce tricky words: I and the, tricky words are common words that can no be sounded out and need to be learned by heart. Please see at the home learning ideas for advice on how to practice tricky words.
  • At writing this week our theme was “I am drying my hair”.
  • We have been practising our handwriting skills, so far we have practised: horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. This will help us to develop skills so we can form letters correctly later on..
  • We enjoyed listening to and discussing a wide range of texts. This week we loved listening to the story ‘ Pumpkin soup’ after our lovely walk last Friday to see all the lovely Halloween pumpkins in the school grounds. You can listen to the story again if you wish:

Home learning ideas

  • Please support us by spending time at home practising the skills of blending sounds to create and read words. Not too long but a little time every day is the best way to do it.
  • Please download this sheet with the sounds that we have been working on this week.
  • We have started to work on tricky (common) words: I and the. Please find attached this grid with ideas for working spelling. Choose one activity.
  • Continue to practise fine motor skills by working on buttons, zips, using cutlery, pegs, etc.
  • Continue to practice to make or write their own name.
  • Read to your child at home. Ask questions about the story (you could use the caterpillar questions to develop high order thinking skills).

Numeracy and Maths

This week:

  • We have continued working on number bonds. We have used ten frames for this indoors and outdoors.
  • We have started working on basic addition. We talked about the meaning of + and = symbols. One of our strategies is to keep the big number on our head and count on from that number, we have also used a number line for this.
  • We have worked on number recognition (10/20 / and more for some)

Home learning ideas

  • Number bonds song

Other areas of the Curriculum

Outdoor learning

We have worked on making number bonds to ten using a ten frame and outdoor objects and writing our sums afterwards.

We did figures outdoors with Mr Macdonald


Last week we had a great time listening to the xylophone and moving accordingly following given instructions. We thought you would like to see the photos even a week later.


We have been working on fitness skills and yoga, we we enjoyed the story of Squish the fish.

Independent learning

What a great time we had peeling our pumpkins and carving them!

We painted poppy stones for St Fillans. Some people chose to draw and paint poppies as well.

Other things

Dates for your diary:

  • On Friday 13th November we will celebrate Children in Need. Children are invited to wear something yellow or spotty for the day. The suggested donation is £2, can this please be sent through Parent Pay. Please do not send children in with money. All pupils will have the opportunity to take part in ‘Guess how many sweeties in the jar’ game, no additional donation is required for pupils to take part. We will also have a kindness trail, where pupils will have the opportunity to find as many acts of kindness as they can hidden in the playground.
  • Monday 16th November: Odd socks day as part of the anti bullying week.


Next week we will start our topic on toys. At the end of this topic we would like the children to make their own toys and to explain the forces that make them move. For that reason we will need to acquire some junk (cardboard boxes, lids, corks, etc), we will quarantine these items before we used them.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Well done, Tigers!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro