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P3MB Friday 6th November 2020

Hello everyone

This week we have been learning:

Maths and Numeracy

We have continued to look at different subtraction strategies this week.

We were counting on to find the difference and discussing different ways of finding the second number in subtraction calculations when the second number is missing.

e.g. 15 – ? = 8

We were counting backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s.

We spoke about fact families again and worked with a partner to complete two addition calculations and two subtraction calculations when given two numbers.

e.g. 12 and 7

12 + 7 = 19

7 + 12 = 19

19 – 7 = 12

19 – 12 = 7

We also revised left and right and practised making full, half and quarter turns. The terms clockwise and anti- clockwise were introduced and we practised giving and following directions as part of our outdoor learning.




The children worked in groups to research information on mynah birds. Each group worked on different questions the class had previously decided on and then gave feed back to the rest of the class.

Talking and Listening

We have really enjoyed listening to the children talk about their favourite books. There has been a huge variety in the books chosen and the class were able to practise being a good audience.


The children wrote about bonfire night, they discussed their ideas beforehand and wrote an individual plan.


This week we were practising the letters : m n l and u.


Please continue to work on your child’s spelling words at home. Any activities done at home really do help with the retention of the rule we have been working on in school. The new spelling words are posted on the blog on Mondays.

Please talk to your child about their reading book. Ask them to predict what is going to happen in the story. Once they have read the book, talk about what happened in the beginning, middle and end. If they wish to, they could write a summary of the story and practise using full stops and capital letters correctly.


This week we designed Christmas cards for the parent council fundraising.

We painted poppies on stones to be placed outside Fairmilehead church for Remembrance day.

Have a lovely weekend.



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