P4H’s Learning 6/11/20

And just like that is November. We have had a very busy and varied week . Alongside the curriculum we have fitted in Pebble “Remembrance” art and Christmas cards !

Below are this week’s words .Next week’s words are also listed so that you will be able to support learning alongside the children. Ideas for activities are on the Home Learning link on the website.

As usual this Blog is compiled by P4H


Continuing the rule from last week, we looked at word with ur

Thursday, nurse, curve, purple,return, surprise, disturb, church

Tricky words ; work , know

Spelling w/c 9/11/20

Core night, flight, slight, tight, tonight, fright, delight, high, sigh

Challenge slightest, brightest, sunlight, tightened , frightening, frightened, high, delightful, sighed

Tricky words very , every

Home learning Try and write them in alphabetical order. For an extra challenge try using both week’s words


We worked in our groups to find interesting words in our books. We had to say what they meant and then look them up in a dictionary We discussed our stories and summarised what had happened and predict what would happen next.

Verbs We found out that a verb is a doing word and sorted a list of words picking out the action words.

Onomatopoeia These are words that look like what they say .We used firework words to create our own art word using Onomatopoeia.


Addition We did adding using the formal traditional methods of column maths . We added tens and units. Next week we are going on the hundreds.


Symmetry We cut our shapes and folded them to see how many lines of symmetry they each had. We found out that a circle has endless number of lines .

Tables We revised the 3 times and practised the 4 times table

We did a November chart which had different mental maths challenges . We worked our way through them.

Home learning

Practice adding 2 numbers together in column sums. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/number-facts/number-fact-families

This is Dyslexia Awareness week so we watched a film about it and talked about what it might feel like and how we can support others who are dyslexic.

Outdoor Learning .We created symmetrical pictures out of anything we could find on the ground,

PE We developed our ball skills working on throwing and catching. We practised different throws and discussed which sports we would use them in..


Here are our line drawing using the quote from Charlie Makesy’s book “The Fox, the Mole, the Horse and the Boy” We drew pictures showing how we could make a difference.

“Even the smallest person can make a difference”

RME We made lanterns to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali.

Mrs Tulloch’s chats.This week we learned lots of fun facts .

Home Learning Can you tell someone some of the facts?

Some of us painted poppies on stones for Remembrance Day. We all designed a Christmas card to be made into cards.

by P4H ( helped by Ms Hastie)