P5M What we have been learning this week 6.11.20


In reading this week, we looked at a passage telling us all about the history of Guy Fawkes night. We were picking out and highlighting key information, focusing on specific words/phrases (i.e. not highlighting big chunks of text). We also practised taking notes (in the form of bullet points or mind-maps) in our own words. We then used our notes to create fact files about Guy Fawkes.

We spent some time this week reminding ourselves of the punctuation we need in our writing, such as; capital letters, full stops and question marks.

We spent time this week learning our new spelling rule of adding the suffix ness to a root word. For example, imaginative + ness = imaginativeness.

Things to do at home –

See the progress record for this week’s reading pages. Try summarising the main events of what you read to someone at home, focusing on key events

Try to put any information you read into your own words to make sure you fully understand what you have read.

Please see spelling document posted on Monday

Maths and Numeracy

This week in numeracy we have been focusing on using a chimney sum for subtraction up to 4-digits with exchanging. We have been developing this skill for several weeks and are all comfortable with using the chimney sum for subtraction up to 3-digits and building our confidence with 4-digit numbers.

We have also been practising using our times tables for mental multiplication and discussing some strategies we can use to help us with this. We will continue with mental and written multiplication next week.

We learned how to calculate the area of squares and rectangles using: area = length x breadth.

Things to do at home –


Practise your times tables throughout the week to improve your mental multiplication. Focus on times tables you find tricky

Other curricular areas

  • In our Free the Forest topic this week we have been discussing how charities can help global warming and the rainforest. We began designing our own conservation charities and will continue this next week
  • This week has been dyslexia awareness week. We therefore have been discussing what dyslexia is and how this can affect people differently
  • We painted poppies on the pebbles that we brought in to line the church for Remembrance Day next week

Have a great weekend!

Miss Mangan