P6J Class Blog 6.11.20

Here is a summary of our learning this week: 


We started our Literacy Evolve novel called ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’. The novel is set in Beirut during the Civil War. We learnt about Lebanon and Beirut so that we had background information to help us understand the book.

We completed the Question Master task (creating questions on our books) and discussed these questions in our Literature Circles.

We developed our proof reading skills with a particular focus on punctuation.

Literature Circle reading to be completed by next Wednesday:

  • Beetle Boy: read up to page 105.
  • Our City: read up to page 63.
  • Game Boy: read up to page 31
  • How Kirsty Jenkins Stole The Elephant: read up to Chapter 11
  • The Accidental Time Traveller: read up to Chapter 11
  • How Brave Is That?: read up to Chapter 7
  • Framed: read up to page 102

Spelling for next week:

The spelling rule is to change a word ending in y to a plural, change to ‘i’ and add ‘es’.

Super: supplies libraries qualities memories countries chimneys holidays babies cities lorries

Fantastic: penalties dictionaries industries kidneys journeys discoveries galaxies possibilities abilities birthdays

Tricky words: mussel muscle

Home Learning Ideas:

  • Practise your spelling words at home. Try using your spelling words in a story.
  • Continue your research about Beirut and Lebanon to support your understanding of ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’.


This week in Numeracy we have been revising our time skills. We have looked at reading a variety of timetables (bus, train, etc). We have also been calculating the duration of journeys and adding/subtracting time to find a start/end time.

We continued our Numeracy Ninjas to practise times tables and key maths skills.

We practised multiplication using the grid method (https://www.mathswithmum.com/grid-method-multiplication/).

Home learning:

  • Topmarks / Hit the Button
  • Look at some cooking times on food items (e.g. on packaging of ready meals, or the cooking time listed in recipe books for meat or vegetables), or to think about how long it takes to make a sandwich or boil a kettle. Plan a snack or meal that involves preparing three items of food or drink so they are ready at the same time. Work out and write the order in which to start preparing/cooking each item.
  • Choose three dates that are significant to you (e.g. birthday, holiday, sponsored cycle). Use a calendar to calculate and then record how many days, weeks or months there are until each event.


It was Dyslexia Awareness Week this week. We learnt about successful people who have dyslexia e.g. Richard Branson, Keira Knightley, Jamie Oliver, etc.

We have started planning our new topic ‘Deep Space Exploration’. We have been sharing the knowledge that we currently have in order to plan our learning.

We painted our Remembrance Day pebbles which will be placed outside the Church next week.

We created outdoor art inspired by the artist James Brunt.

In P.E. we developed our fitness using fartlek drills. Fartlek training, which translates to “speed play” in Swedish, is similar to interval training. It involves varying pace or difficulty during maintained cardio.

In assembly this week we presented a film about Black History Month. We did a fantastic job working together, planning and presenting our learning. You can watch it on the link below:

This video doesn’t exist

Have a lovely weekend!