P2/3 Golden Treasures spelling 9th November

Spelling this week is below, we will do a dictation activity including our sounds and some tricky words we know on Friday each week. Everyone is trying hard in their weekly dictations- well done! Please practise at home if you can as this really helps children remember the sounds.

Team Jewel: single sounds d, o, g. Start trying to read some of the Block 1 tricky words.

Team Gold: using magic e in i words for example like, bite, wide, shine, line, time, grime. Revise tricky words- they can be found below. Start at Block 1 and when confident move on to the following block. Make sure you can read and spell them confidently.

Team Treasure: oo/ew words. Core list: broom, cool, pool, poor, moon, new, chew, few, stew, grew; Challenge list: balloon, bedroom, moonlight, school, choose, chewing, stewing, fewer, mildew, newspaper; Tricky word revision: any, many