P1 Tigers Reflective Friday 13th November 2020

We have had a busy week this week in Primary 1T.

Children in Need!


We have been learning:

  • Single sounds of the alphabet: this week we have focused on b and l.
  • Tricky words: to and he.
  • We have worked our reading books.  We have worked on recognising tricky words, learning new words and we are starting to make sentences using those words and words that we can read with the our knowledge of sounds and blending skills.
  • We are working on our handwriting. This week we had a go at writing all the sounds that we have worked so far ( no cursive yet just the way we can make it as this will became with practice ).

Home learning ideas:

  • Reading: work on the new sounds and tricky words provided on the links below. This should be for a maximum of 10 minutes per day. Please ensure you continue to do that as this is vital for your child’s reading progress. We have attached the tricky words that we will be working on until December ( you could print or copy them and practice them at home).
  • Reading at home: read books with your child. Use your reading caterpillars to work on comprehension and higher order thinking skills,
  • Make some words that your child can read ( with sounds worked up to now) and tricky words and you could ask your child to make sentences with them.
  • Read to your child books everyday and enjoy them.
  • If your child is enjoying attempts to writing please don’t stop them to correct the letter formation as this will stop the flow and could put him/her off from writing (letters, stories, cards, etc). After he/she has finished you can remind them the formation if you wish.

Numeracy and Maths

  • This week we have continued to work on addition skills including number bonds to ten.
  • We have worked on writing sums.
  • We have continued to work on our numeracy skills: number recognition, counting forwards and backwards, etc.

Home learning ideas:

  • Please continue to look at and discuss numbers in the environment with your child. On buses, cookers, door numbers etc. This will help us with our number recognition as we continue with our numeracy work.
  • We have been using this game to help us with addition:


You could also use this game at home:


  • You can practice addition by: rolling two dice and adding the result, playing snakes and ladders and ask your child to guess where they have to go , use cards  ( each player has to show one and whoever guess the number gets the card, the winner is the player who gets more number of cards), etc

Other Areas

  • This week we learned about Remembrance Day.
  • Topic work: We have started our topic about toys. Mrs Cross brought a toy that her Granddad made for her Dad. Do you know what it is? This week our focus has been on toys from the past, we realised that they didn’t have batteries but they are still fun!
  • HWB We had our NSPCC Speak Out assembly. We now that we have the right to be safe!
  • P.E: We have focused on games. We loved playing ‘Cross the river’ and ‘Cats and mice’
  • Outdoor learning: We worked on addition skills on Monday however on Wednesday we have a fabulous time building houses for our bears. Amazing team work, concentration and problem solving skills!
Do you know the name of this toy? Ask your child…

Independent learning

Other Information

  • Next week is Anti bullying week. Children are invited to wear odd socks on Monday 16th November.
  • Scottish Book week: Next week on Friday your child will receive their P1 Bookbug. Books look great! We are looking forward to reading them in class too.
  • E-learning journals: Some parents have received an email regarding access to their children’s targets on the learning journals. The targets don’t show up as an observation like the previous ones you have from nursery (if you had a nursery profile), it is the same account however the targets are on a green tab that says reports. If you are still having any issues please let us know. The comments about your child’s learning in December they will come up as an observation so it will be easier for you to see them.
  • Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.

Our Tigers are fantastic! We love seeing them playing together and persevering when a challenging task presents. Our highlight of the week was seeing them working together while building the bears’ houses. What a joy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro