P3C Blog – 13/11/20

13/11/20 P3C Blog

Maths and Numeracy

We have continued to look at different subtraction strategies this week. We practised counting back and counting on and learned about addition and subtraction fact families.

Fact families are a way of looking at the link between addition and subtraction:


6 + 3 = 9

3 + 6 = 9

9 – 3 = 6

9 – 6 = 3

We talked about fact families having the same three numbers and making sure we always start with the largest number when we are using subtraction.

“We can use number bonds to work out fact families”

“We can use our fingers to work out fact families”

We started learning about time by talking about all the different places we see time, how we use it and days of the week. Next week will be looking and months of the year and telling the time to half hour intervals.

Things to do at home:

  • Continue helping your child develop mental agility by giving them child addition and subtraction problems to solve as you go about your daily lives or travelling from one place to another e.g. numbers on number plates, prices in shops or on menus.
  • Play some mental maths games on topamrks.co.uk




We have been learning about nouns and been looking for them in our books and in the classroom. We went on a noun hunt, and sorted nouns into 3 categories: person, place and thing. We then used the nouns we found to write our own sentences.

As it was Remembrance Day on Wednesday, we learned about why we wear poppies and had a 2-minute silence to remember those who fought in the wars. We made poppies in art and then wrote a set of instructions for how to make a poppy.

It was lovely to hear the last of the book reviews on Monday, we have really enjoyed listening to the children talk about their favourite books and the class were a fantastic audience.

We have continued to learn new letters and been practising our spelling words in handwriting this week.

“We practised y, e, oo and ew in handwriting”

“We have get better understanding of nouns”

“I loved hearing the Book Talks”

“The Book Talks were fun”

“I thought they were all good”


  • Please continue to work on your child’s spelling words at home. Any activities done at home really do help with the retention of the rule we have been working on in school. The new spelling words are posted on the blog on Mondays.
  • Please talk to your child about their reading book. Ask them to predict what is going to happen in the story. Once they have read the book, talk about what happened in the beginning, middle and end. If they wish to, they could write a summary of the story and practise using full stops and capital letters correctly.


As well as making poppies on Wednesday in Art we also made Remembrance Day images in outdoor learning. We used things we found on the floor to make poppies (and other images) Remembrance Day. Some pictures are attached below:

We have continued to develop our fitness in PE this week. We have worked with a partner doing circuits and have been encouraging each other to use good technique for the different exercises. As it is getting colder and wetter now many of your children are coming to school in wellies and boots which is great! Please can you make sure that your child also has trainers with them on a Tuesday and Thursday for PE.

We also talked some more about habitats thinking about birds. We discussed how birds make nests, what materials they use and where they build them. We talked about keeping eggs warm and keeping safe from predators. Then, working with a partner, we saw what it was like for birds as we tried to make nests ourselves. It was quite tricky but a lot of fun! Here are some pictures of our nests:

We also learned about the story of Rama and Sita and the Diwali festival of light. We had fun making Pudsy masks, wrote kind comments about each other and went on a kindness trail. It was very exciting looking for all the random acts of kindness. We had an assembly from the NSPCC and met Buddy who wants every child to be safe and happy.

Highlights of the Week:

“The Remembrance Day art work was really creative”

“Some of the nests survived all week – they’re still in the playground”

“We also made Pudsy masks”

“We talked about Buddy”

“We have been learning about Diwali – festival of lights”

“We wrote kind comments about everyone in the class”

“The kindness trail was fun”

Things to do at home:

  • Do some kind acts for people at home over the weekend!!!
  • Try making a Diwali lantern

Have a lovely weekend!