P4H’s Learning 13/11/20

We have had a very busy ,packed week with Remembrance Day, NSPCC Speak Out and Children in Need .I was particularly impressed with the whole class during our Remembrance day activities and throughout the 2 minute silence. They showed great respect to people who had died in all wars defending our country.

Today’s Blog is compiled together using everyone’s reflections.


Reading We have continued reading and discussing the texts in our groups. We created word books to note any interesting words . It is a mini dictionary and will help with spelling too. Dictation It was quite tricky this week trying to recall our spelling words.We need to use our listening skills.

We started a class novel called “War Games” by Riordan. It is a true story.

Listening We have been concentrating on trying to improve this all week.It has been harder for some people than others.


Soft “c” rule…..”c” says “s” when followed by e i or y

Core ice, city,face;slice. circus, centre, .faced.sliced.dance.circle

Challenge facing, sliced,century.centre.central. cinema. cyclist.percent.cycling.cancel

Tricky words great . small

Creative Writing. We discussed the setting of stories and wrote a description of a house and how we felt going into it.

Storm We worked with our partners to look for target words all about the setting . We had to be detectives and look for clues in the story.

We did a comprehension based on Remembrance Day.We found it tricky to find the information and remember to write answers in sentences.

Home learning Draw a tree with Autumn leaves on the branches and the ground. Write a spelling word on each leaf Write an adjective on the leaves that have fallen on the ground. 


We have been learning to add with 3 digits using the column or chimney method .

We also worked out story problems and had to make sums from the information. We also found out that total , altogether and the sum of means you add.

Symmetry We looked all around for lines of symmetry and drew the lines on mixed shapes. We used a mirror to help us.

We also revised the 4 tines table.

Home learning. Practise all your tables so that you can recall quickly.

Look on packets of food and try to add any 3 digit numbers together .

Outdoor Learning

We made fireworks pictures on the ground. we thought about how the sparks would fly. we even found some colourful things to make our art work look more effective.

We did leaf drawing with pens on a whiteboard. We were able to get more detail from using the real life leaves.

PE We used the large balls to develop skills of throwing and catching ball skills.Lots of people were very excited about the Scottish football and it shows us that you should never give up!

Children in Need. We made masks and did the kindness trail It was great fun finding the clues.We also managed to keep silent for a whole half hour. It was a very long time!

Remembrance We talked about lots of wars and know there are still wars going on today.. Ms Hastie brought in lots of photos of her grandpa and his brothers and told us what had happened to them all. We found out all about the poppy and why we wear one. Our Scottish poppy is different from others.

Speak Out presentation We discussed why we should know to Speak out and who to talk too.

Mrs Tulloch Lunchtime Chat. We heard all about volcanoes erupting and that in Pompeii they thought the volcano was extinct but it erupted.

Remember to wear odd socks on Monday!

by P4H ( and Ms Hastie)