P5B Reflective Friday 13.11.20

Good afternoon everyone.


Our spelling pattern for next week is below. The children will work on this rule from Monday and throughout the week.

  • tion says shun in the final syllable. This is the most regularly used spelling of the sound shun as a final syllable.
  • This is to support the breaking up of words into syllable as a spelling strategy
  • e.g. de / struc / tion          op / er / a / tion

Here are the words

action                      fiction

invention                 inspection

destruction              nation

situation                  operation

education                invitation

condition                  election

Our tricky words are

own                           one

I have attached the document below to give some ideas on how you can help with spelling at home.

ideas for home

Here are the children’s reflections.

Mr Bothamley