P7H – 13.11.20

13.11.20 – Darcey, Sam, Gregor, Andrew, Eilidh G, Connie

As part of our new Health and Wellbeing topic, can pupils please bring in a picture of them as a baby with details of their birth weight, birth length and time of birth. We are going to use this for an activity in class. Each pupil has been given an envelope to put their picture in to bring to school. Thank you, Mrs Haynes

Looking fab for Children In Need


In literacy this week we wrote an imaginative story. We had another pairs character and setting that we had to write the story on. Next week we will get to read the story that people wrote using our characters and settings and give them feedback. We are excited to see what they wrote and if it is the same as what we imagined would happen.  

In spelling we revised our P7 spelling words and chose up to 10 that we have found tricky over the past few weeks. (Our P7 spelling words will be uploaded in a separate blog post)

We finished our class novel Kensuke’s Kingdom and answered some questions on it, we had to give reasons why Kensuke decided to stay on the island and his justifications. 

Numeracy/ Maths 

In maths this week we have been finding area of spaces in the playground so we can distribute it equally.  We also started to learn about volume. We used cubes to represent shapes which helped us a lot. We used meter sticks and trundle wheels to measure the playground- rulers would have taken hours. We done a Pudsey maths worksheet which tested our fraction abilities and our squaring and cubing. We have started to link fractions, decimals and percentages.  


Topic work, 

This week in topic we found out that we are doing democracy and it involves politics.   


In PE this week we played capture the flag with tactics we also did a tournament with the game. 


We had 2 assembly’s this week the first was all about the N S P C C and we also learnt their number 08001111. 

We had an assembly on Friday about why Pudsey was invented. 

Languages – German, 

On Tuesday we met our new German teacher over teams and we learnt a bit about her.  

Health & Wellbeing, 

We have started a new helth and wellbeing topic called living and growing. 

What we enjoyed 

We enjoyed playing with the trundle wheels and we rolled them across the playground. 

We enjoyed playing capture the flag in PE. 

We enjoyed learning about BBC children in need. 

Next steps/home learning 

Bring in a picture of you as a baby.  

You could go onto Transum to practice your maths skills or you could get an adult to give you some volume questions. 

You could do the natural disaster homework  

You could practice some of the spelling words you practiced.  

At home you could make your own maths game.