P2/3 Golden Treasures Spelling 16th November

Spelling this week is below, we will do a dictation activity including our sounds and some tricky words we know on Friday each week. Everyone is trying hard in their weekly dictations- well done! Please practise at home if you can as this really helps children remember the sounds/words. There are some ideas for spelling activities you could try at home below too.

Team Jewel: single sounds f, u, b. Continue trying to read/recognise some of the Block 1 tricky words.

Team Gold: using magic e in o words for example: code, note, nose, joke, spoke, hope, bone, smoke. Revise tricky words- they can be found below. Start at Block 1 and when confident move on to the following block. Practise both reading and spelling them confidently.

Team Treasure: oi/oy words. Core list: oil, spoil, foil, joint, coin, boy, toy, joy, Roy, enjoy; Challenge list: hoisting, spoiling, tinfoil, pointed, boiling, enjoying, annoyed, royal, employ, joyful; Tricky word revision: more, before. All of the tricky word lists are attached below to practise reading and spelling them confidently.