P2M Magic Monkeys 20.11.2020

Hello Magic Monkeys and Happy Friday!

In literacy we have covered:

  • This week we have had a revision/assessment week.
  • We have focused on tricky words and digraph sounds
  • Highlighted tricky word sheets were sent home
  • Highlighted digraph sheets are on their way!
  • Writing this week: Kindness
  • Our wiring star steps are: capital letters, finger spaces and full stops
  • We also focussed on using a connective word and writing more than two sentences
  • Letter formation

In Numeracy we have covered:

  • Addition to 30 and beyond
  • Number bonds to 10
  • Number bonds to 20
  • Timed Addition calculations – this focusses on speed, accuracy and correct number formation
  • Number formation


  • Reading groups
  • Predicting the story
  • Recalling the story
  • Reading out loud
  • Silent reading
  • Independent reading
  • Reading with Miss McGhee
  • We enjoyed reading our books from our Book Bag!
  • This week we started a new class novel “The Otter Who Wanted to Know”

Next week we are going to explore non-fiction books for reading.

Health and Wellbeing

  • We have a ‘Worry Wall’ in class –

On this wall we can stick a post-it with our name on it if we are feeling worried then Miss McGhee will check in with us

  • We have been using our worry wall and sharing any worries we have.


  • Fitness – exercise video in class
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga

Morning Starters:

  • Monday – Weekend whiteboard
  • Tuesday – Cursive letters  
  • Wednesday – Tricky Words
  • Thursday – Cursive writing  
  • Friday – Partner game

Learn Through Play Activities:

  • Marble Run
  • Block Play
  • Lego/construction
  • Magnetic building blocks
  • Role Play
  • Arts and Crafts table – card writing/making
  • Smartboard games
  • Train tracks
  • Independent writing table with ‘Story Spoons’   

Extra Information 

  • We have some unclaimed/unlabelled uniform in the classroom – please let me know if you are looking for any items.  

Enjoy the weekend, have fun and stay safe,

Miss McGhee.