P3C Blog 20/11/20

Maths and Numeracy

We have continued to look at different subtraction strategies this week. We practised counting back and counting on and fact families. We have also been learning how to subtract “to”, “from” and “through” the decuple e.g.

Subtracting to the decuple 63 – 3 = 60 / 37 – 7 = 30 (the units get taken away, the tens stay the same)

Subtracting from the decuple 60 – 3 = 57 / 30 – 7 = 23 (we use knowledge of our number bonds to 10 then go back to the prior decuple)

Subtracting through the decuple 43 – 6 = 37 / 82 – 6 = 76 (we use our number bonds to split the number we are taking away then use the other 2 strategies)

43 – 6 (6 = 3 + 3) -> 43 – 3 = 40 -> 40 – 3 = 37

We learned about the months of the year, played games by counting forwards and backwards days and months.  We also talked about what we do at different times during the day.

“We have got better at subtraction”

“We also practised counting in 3’s”

“We enjoyed doing fact families”

“We use our number bonds to help us practise fact families and subtraction”

Things to do at home:

  • Continue helping your child develop mental agility by giving them child addition and subtraction problems to solve as you go about your daily lives or travelling from one place to another e.g. numbers on number plates, prices in shops or on menus.
  • Play some mental maths games on topam”rks.co.uk




We have been learning about verbs and been looking for them in our books. We completed choosing the correct verb, mimed and guessed verbs then used them to write sentences. We hunted for verbs in our reading books then used what we had found to write our own sentences. We have been learning about reading comprehension and answering questions on our reading book.

“Our reading books have lots of verbs in them”

“A verb is a doing word”

“A noun is an object, place or person”

“We have been learning the oi and oy sound”

“We can practise spelling words by saying them out loud”


  • Please continue to work on your child’s spelling words at home. Any activities done at home really do help with the retention of the rule we have been working on in school. The new spelling words are posted on the blog on Mondays.
  • Please talk to your child about their reading book. There are some questions you could ask before, during and after reading on the link below.
  • There are activities linked to the Read Write Count book bags that went home on Wednesday on another post.


We have been wearing Odd Socks all week because it is Anti-Bullying week, we have been learning all about bullying behaviours and the impact of bullying. We know that we must speak to a trusted adult if we are being bullied and must all work together and be Untied Against Bullying to make sure that bullying stops.

We have continued to develop our fitness in PE this week running as a team and listening for instructions. As it is getting colder and wetter now many of your children are coming to school in wellies and boots which is great! Please can you make sure that your child also has trainers with them on a Tuesday and Thursday for PE.

We made Rangoli patterns to celebrate the Diwali Festival of Lights, using playground chalk. They were very bright and colourful! We also tried to make spider webs outside using things we could find, but it was really tricky because it was so windy!!!


Highlights of the Week:

“You could try making a Rangoli pattern at home”

“We did PE challenges with Mrs Bailey”

“We are getting neater because we are practising handwriting”

Have a great weekend!