P4H’s Learning 20/11/20

It has been another action packed week in P4H with it being both Anti-Bullying and Scottish Book Week.

The blog has been compiled together by P4H. Here is a photo of some of us enjoying Children in Need

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Here are next week’s spelling words following the soft g rule. This is always made with letters ge not j

Core rage. page. garage.image. wage.bandage.postage.cottage,.passage.message

Challenge damage,sausage,rampage,advantage,baggage,courage,shortage,manage, engage

Tricky words before , four

Home learning . Make a word search with all your words

Creative writing We wrote a report about a Team Building Challenge in Outdoor learning . We had to say what we did and how we worked together. We were talking about how resilient we were and how to build good relationships.

We looked at nouns and the difference between common and proper nouns.

Home learning . Make a list of nouns in your house. Write them under the headings Common Nouns and Proper Nouns . Tell someone the difference.

Charades We acted out doing words ( verbs)


We looked at other strategies of adding. It was the grid method. It showed us how important it is to lay out the sum neatly and carefully. Some of us found it easier/harder than the traditional methods.

Home learning Show someone how to calculate using the Grid method

We used a mirror to draw the other half of shapes by using the lines of symmetry. We made symmetrical patterns in colour. .

We practised 3 and 4 times table.

We have been revising months of the year and the number of days in each . We have been trying to answer questions based on a calendar month . We learnt a poem to help us remember how many days are in each.

Home Learning Practise spelling the months. Can you remember how many days are in each month?

Anti-Bullying week. We discussed that it is ok to be different. Everyone in the community is responsible for looking out for each other. United we can beat bullying because it makes people sad.But sometimes bullies have not always been bullies and they might have been bullied and need our support.

Here are our posters

Scottish Book week . We watched Emily Mckenzie who is an author and illustrator and showed us how to draw Granville. We listened to David Walliams read some of “Gangsta Granny” He had great expression and made granny sound real.It was funny!

PE We practised our basketball skills by bouncing the ball around people who were obstacles( it was too windy for cones) Then the next day we tried scoring baskets.

Science We learned about the water cycle and how it is ongoing. It is a perfect example of recycling.

Home Learning. Explain the water cycle to someone

Outdoor Learning. We were in the Loose parts shed again. We were creating, designing, adapting, improving , sharing ideas and working as a team.

Mrs Tullloch’s Lunchtime chats She told us that in the water cycle it is the same water that was around in the time of the dinosaurs.!

Home Learning Can you tell someone the other fun facts? We were sad when she told us she is retiring!

Have a good weekend!

From P4H ( helped by Ms Hastie)