P6J Class Blog 20.11.20

Here is a summary of our learning this week: 


We continued our Literacy Evolve novel called ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’. We were learning to understand a character from what is known and what can be inferred from the text. We used different drama techniques such as freeze framing and hot-seating to explore this.

We completed the Colonel Connect It Up task (identifying themes/ events/ characters and making connections to other learning) and discussed our books in our Literature Circles.

We looked at the use of apostrophes in contractions. For example: don’t, I’ll, didn’t and used these contractions in sentences.

We were learning how to create and build suspense and tension in our writing (e.g. similes, personifications, creating a sense of danger, ellipses, etc.) We applied this learning to our own writing.

Literature Circle reading to be completed by next Wednesday:

  • Beetle Boy: read up to page 207
  • Our City: read up to page 130
  • Game Boy: Read up to page 11
  • How Kirsty Jenkins Stole The Elephant: read up to Chapter 22
  • The Accidental Time Traveller: read up to Chapter 21
  • How Brave Is That?: read up to chapter 3
  • Framed: read up to page 208

Spelling for next week: Antonyms (opposites) are often formed by the addition of a prefix (in this case the prefix is ‘dis’). (note that for words beginning with s the rule does not alter – simply insert the prefix).  e.g.    dis + satisfaction

Super: disappoint discomfort displease disqualify disappear disbelief discolour dishonest disconnect

Fantastic: dissatisfaction disapprove discourage disqualify discontinue disrespectful disorganised dissimilar disprove

Tricky words: style stile

Home Learning Ideas:

  • Continue to practise your spelling words at home.
  • Read your set pages of your Literature Circle book. Think about any connections that you can make to other learning.


This week we have continued reading a variety of timetables (bus, train, etc). We have also been calculating the duration of journeys and adding/subtracting time to find a start/end time. We have been applying our knowledge to a range of time-based word problems. 

We looked at the timetable of Cinderella’s day and answered questions about the timetable.

We continued our Numeracy Ninjas to practise mental maths (e.g. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), times tables and key maths skills.

Home learning:

  • Topmarks / Hit the Button / Daily 10
  • Use an analogue and digital clock to help you to plan your day. E.g. calculate the total duration that you spend in the playground each.


We continued our new topic ‘Deep Space Exploration’. We looked at the planets within our solar system, and discussed that our solar system is part of a much bigger galaxy within which there are other solar system. We researched the diameter of each of the planets and compared the diameters using ratios to find out how many of each planet would fit in the diameter of the sun. We used fruit to compare the size of the solar system and modelled the relative distance between each planet in the playground.

In P.E. we continued to develop our fitness using an obstacle course, including skipping, hula hoops and sprints. The wind provided an extra challenge on Tuesday!

This week was Anti Bullying Week. We discussed that their are different roles that we can play and identified one thing we could each do to unite against bullying.

We had an RAF STEM day with Miss Collyns. We designed and created glider planes with our learning partners. We then carried out tests and made improvements to our designs. Have a look at some photos below.

Have a lovely weekend!